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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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that breaking news, a large fire burning with hundreds of firefighters on the scene. flames are threatening structures yet again in lake county. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a new wildfire whipped up by wind and spreading what firefighters call a dangerous pace. >> this fire started 5:30 tonight and quickly grew to more than 400 acres.
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it is burning through dead grass and dried brush and causing a lot of panic. >> this is happening west of clearlake. 20 miles west of where the rocky fire burned thousands of acres. at least three helicopters are dropping water on the fire hoping to stop the flames before they get out of control. it is unclear if officials have ordered evacuations. you can see it is burning close to homes. we talked to woman one not waiting for word from officials and she showed up to gate friend's horse out it of the way. >> we have seen three huge fires lately. it is scary for people's property, the animals, very concerned. >> of course no word yet on how the fire started. they are looking in to that as they fight the flames. >> weather playing a big part in this fire fight as it does in all fire fights. we heard word about some winds. let's bring in rob right now.
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>> we have seen changing conditions and the third mayor fire in the area so far this summer. right now 67 degrees. the high temperature today was 91 degrees. we're still seeing hot temperatures further inland. humidity 59%. not that bad tonight. at the elevation where it is sitting inland across the mountains, as the low clouds sweep in, around the bay area we will have misty skies. hill tops likely staying dry overnight. as we head to tomorrow morning, low clouds to start. temperatures out to lake county tomorrow close to 90 degrees. we will see drizzle at times tomorrow morning. the hill tops will see stronger winds and temperatures sitting close to 90 degrees. dry conditions continuing around the hill tops. back to you. >> thank you so much. the cal fire santa clara are unit is winning the battle against the tesla fire. it has burned 2700 acres in
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alameda county. cal fire has its hands full with several other fires across the state. look at this map. these are the major ones crews are battling right now. there's at least 15 burning tonight. >> stay with us for the latest on the wildfire and evacuations. we will have updates on "today in the bay" that starts 7:00. get our app for the latest news on your devices. three americans from here in california arrived in paris tonight as heros. they took down a heavily-armed gunman firing shots on a high-speed train. video shows spencer stone leaving the hospital. he was stabbed during the struggle with the gunman. stone, sadler and alex are from the sacramento area. sadler lived in the bay area in pittsburgh for a while. chuck is live in san francisco in the newsroom. they have an incredible story to tell. >> that's right.
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we are learning tonight it came closer to being far bloodier. the attacker put the head of spencer stone, the first american to reach him, pulled the trigger twice. it clicked but didn't go off. >> dude, i tried to shoot him. >> the jostling of a high-speed train shows the moments after three northern californians tackled and tied up on the floor a man who witnesses say fired an assault rifle on a train with 500 passengers crossing the french countryside. a national guardsmen and an air force airman first class heard gunshots, shattered glass and a man running down the aisle with an ak-47 he was leveling. >> told him to go and he went and he tackled him and he got cut by a knife after he tackled him. at that point, i showed up and grabbed the gun from him. >> reporter: the young man, including anthony sadler, a student at cal state sacramento
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are childhood friends. they were traveling from amsterdam to paris. police say the gunman got on in brussels carrying nine ammunition magazines, handgun, knife and opened fire but reportedly the gun jammed. >> we all ran back there and tried to do whatever we could to beat him soup she didn't shoot anyone. >> reporter: the attacker injured two men, one stone and a passenger that stone helped that was shot. >> without his help he would have died. >> he said it was frustrating from him they had to attack the guy, get him to the ground and help the other guy and no one else was helping except this other british guy. >> i'd rather die being active trying to get him down than sit in the corner and be shot. >> after successful surgery on his hand, spencer stone left the hospital on saturday. his quick-thinking colleagues recipients of medals from the
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french. >> i'm so proud of him. he's just such a good kid. such a good kid. >> president obama telephoned all three americans thanking them for their heroism and courage. on monday they will meet french president hollande and when they return home they will do so as decorated heros. >> chuck, thank you very much. new at 11:00, tragedy at a family reunion in solano county. a fairfield man is dead after he fell off and was run over by an army tank. it happened at a museum. a family was having a reunion at the museum, taking rides on military vehicles. the man was riding on a 1944 world ii tank when he fell off. >> as far as what happened he was sitting on the edge and they are coming over a little small hill. somehow, still under investigation, he fell off the edge and subsequently was hit.
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succumb to his injuries. >> investigators are looking in to who else was on the tank when the accident happened. coming together to remember a very sweet little girl. a public memorial for maddie middleton will be held tomorrow. thousands are expected to show up to remember her. she was kidnapped and killed at her apartment complex in santa cruz last month. the teenager accused of killing her is due in court on september 21st to enter his plea. the mem ial takes place at the kaiser permit tay arena in santa cruz. th the memorial begins at 3:00 p.m. less than 18 hours away from the first football game at levi stadium and the question is will the turf hold. they laid down new sod. it was a problem last season is. this year they had to move practices because of concerns.
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marianne is live. this is a preseason game but the cowboys and 49 ers. it will have a lot of people watching. >> certainly will be watching. this season when it comes to the fans the niners are focusing on three things -- prices, parking and putting in better grass. welcome to levi stadium where the grass is always greener. it should be. after all, it's been replaced five times since the stadium opened last season. even now, as the niners get ready to take on the cowboys during their first pre-season game at the stadium, the sod is still getting attention. dallas owner jerry jones suggested on friday, the cowboys may sit romo out because of turf trouble. >> pretty good. we don't want him to get hurt. this might be our year. >> reporter: cowboys fans checked out levi stadium tonight but the niners hope it will be their year, saying good-bye to alvin smith and ray mcdonald and
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welcoming new head coach tim tomsula. they will notice cheaper beer and water. stadium operators plan to increase the lanes near parking lots to get fans out faster after games jacob is looking forward to the changes when he attends his first game at the stadium this season. >> looking for the camaraderie. everyone knows it is a new stadium. everyone is figuring out the transportation system. more people and excitement for sure. >> reporter: enjoy the improvements. just don't get too used to the sod. the stadium plans to make six more installations this year as you might imagine, attention to detail is important this year because february 7th the entire world will be watching as levi stadium hosts super bowl 50. live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> the highlight will be here that's for sure. thank you so much. from coast to coast, people
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gathered on sidewalks and parking lots to protest planned parenthood. holding signs and calling for change, people protested outside of new york city, washington, d.c. and columbus and here in san jose. the protests came after video surfaced showing planned parenthood employees harvesting body parts of abortd fetuses apparently to sell. protesters in san jose say they are calling forred and to federal funding for planned parenthood clinics. >> every year the government gives planned parenthood a half billion dollars from our taxes that you and i pay that go to these services of basically selling the organs of the babies. >> reporter: planned parenthood released a statement saying that patients authorize them to donate tissue for scientific research and every other high-quality health provider does the same. close calls in the sky. we are learning about new, scary situations for pilots that unfolded in the bay area.
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breaking news to bring you tonight. two people have been shot in oakland. multiple witnesses are telling us one of victims is a baby. oakland police have not confirmed that information. officers are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened. the shooting happened at about 10:00 tonight on 77th avenue. two victims were taken to the hospital. we've not been told how they are doing. police say they do not have any
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suspects. the skies over the bay area are dangerous. there's been more than 30 sightings or close calls with drones over the last month. the faa released the figures yesterday. we went through the report and here's what we found. the majority of them are happening around san jose. we're talking about drones and planes in the same air space. 14 instances where pilots or passengers spotted drones while if flight. in livermore a pilot reported colliding with a drone. he found damage on his plane to back up the claim and a scary call in palo alto last month. a drone was in the flight path of a pilot teaching a student how to fly and had to change course to avoid a collision. as millions of kids head back to school this fall, a serious problem is getting worse. there aren't enough teachers. tens of thousands of positions are unfilled in california. there are 21 thousand open teaching positions.
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oakland had 60 openings, days before the new semester is about to start. they plame the shortage on retirement s and low pay for starting teachers is another issue. some schools are trying unorthodox measures to fill the vacancies. >> we are beginning to see places hire teachers who are not certified, who have not started any training at all for teaching. >> reporter: administrators say the demand for teachers is especially high in math, science and special education classes. burners have to deal with the heat and lack of water but at least they don't have to worry about the bugs. earlier this week we told you about thousands of liftle green pests buzzing around the burning manifest value biting workers setting up the event in the nevada dez ert. the burning man blog says most of the bugs have dried up and blown away. >> ew. >> by the way, 70,000 people are expected to attend burning man this year. it runs august 30th to september
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7th. i don't know where all the bugs were blown to but it might be quite a pile up. >> might be the least of their concerns in the desert. who knows. it was a lovely day here. downtown san francisco and the bay bridge. meteorologist rob mayeda is here and he has a look at the weekend half way through the break here. >> last weekend highs of 108. and right now clouds and mist, 61 degrees. the low clouds have punched inland. a we show you the view along 580 out to the 680 interchange with 580. 63 in dublin. low clouds not quite in the san jose. hazy skies around san jose right now. we will see low clouds tonight pumped in by on shore winds and we could have some misty skies in parts of the ebay area tomorrow morning. number necessary 50s to low 60s.
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clearing, maybe more clearing in the afternoon tomorrow. toward the coast with temperatures inland climbing to the 80s. 50s and low 60s to start the day. by noon mid-70s an san jose and livermore. upper 60s, close to 70 for san francisco. san jose during the day tomorrow, near 82 degrees. at levi stadium, should see temperatures with the 48ers hosting the cowboys in the upper 70s, cooling to the upper 60s toward the 4th quarter. san francisco cool and breezy. upper 60s to low 70s. good guys car show underway this weekend. upper 80s out there. probably one of the warm wither spots. coming up next week, temperatures climbing up. one thing to watch on wednesday is mid level clouds coming in. a slight chance of showers toward the sierra and maybe north toward lake county. next few days, warmer for
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livermore and cooling for the second half of the week. numbers toward tuesday and san francisco seeing temperatures come up monday in to tuesday. next weekend is more interesting as subtropical moisture goes away and we see a weather system approaching the coast that could bring us a chance of seeing rain here. look at that. heading to the north bay, maybe to saturday morning. stay tuned. next weekend's forecast for now brings cooling and possibly a few showers north of san francisco as we head to next weekend. warm to start and then stay tuned. may have rare rain in the forecast next weekend. back to you. >> welcome rain should that happen. we will be watching that closely. thank you so much. kelly is joining us from comcast sportsnet. what do you got, kelly? >> minneapolis got the rain that san francisco needs an the raiders had to fight the vikings and mother nature to get their second preseason game in. we will head to minnesota.
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there's good news for the giants tonight. angel is expected to start rehab tomorrow. and he could begin to swing a bat soon. mike leake came up to see a great start go to waste. six innings and found himself outduelled by amy crawford's fiance. garrett cole of the pirates. there's crawford. drills one deep to left field. he makes the leaping grab at the wall to rob what would have been his 20th home run of the season. he wasn't done. he says good night. the walk off home run to left. pittsburgh wins 3-2. the good news, the dodgers lost to the astros, as well. how about the rays and a's? "star wars" night at the coliseum. all the characters there. bottom of the sixth, game tied at two.
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not anymore. two run shot to left. his seventh. 4-2 oakland n. the top of the ninth, drew palmer trying to get it. doesn't happen. as cabrera rips a two-run double to right and the a's drop another one-run game. 5-4 to tampa. third round of the windham championship. tiger hasn't won in two years. birdie opportunity and he gets it to go. tiger rolling early. 16th hole at 13 under. the tee shot for woods is an absolute beauty. he sticks it 11 feet from the pin. a chance for another birdie and he sinks the putt. third bird on the day. tiger two shots back of the lead heading in to sunday. raiders second preseason game visiting the vikings. mac getting in the back field. three yard loss. big things expected of the two
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second year linebacker. same thing with carr over the top to cooper. that's a 40-yard connection. the lone catch of the game. two yards score. game was delayed an hour due to weather. raiders lose 20-12 the final. the 49ers host the cowboys tomorrow. san jose news, the saber cats beat the arizona rattlers and are headed to the arena bowl for the first time since 2008. that's good news. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. ==t :0= =err//vcon= itppes tre'r
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that's music to the ears of panda lovers. there's more to celebrate at the zoo in washington, d.c. hours after announcing the birth of a baby panda, now the a zoo is tweet a second cub was born five hours later. >> twins. as a mother of twins, i send my best. she will be a tired mama. both appear to be healthy and of normal weight and size, which is about the size of a stick of butter. that's about how big a baby is. >> people can relate to that. >> the gender of the cubs has not been determined so far. they will not be named until they are 100 days old following tradition. >> music to the ears of pea piano lovers because that means they are healthy enough to yell and lungs developed. >> 100 days we will find out the names and genders, too. exciting.
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>> i like peggy. peggy the panda. >> i don't know. >> thank you for watching. >> "saturday night live" up next. have a great night.
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hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at >> thank you for joining us on the cbs post game show. i'm ernie johnson, here with kenny smith and charles barkley. well, the teams are set. a big upset tonight as wisconsin beats kentucky and will play


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